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Developing your own mobile apps can be an extremely profitable and enjoyable way to make money, with many developers earning regular income from their apps. Businesses can also benefit from providing mobile apps to bring in new customers and help existing customers to access their account and other services. Regardless of the type of app you have created, you will need to market your product and find ways to reach your target audience.

Do Your Research

Research is essential for developing, pricing and marketing your app, as you need to know if there is a demand for your product. You also need to know if there are other similar apps already available and, if so, how you can compete with these existing products. Take a look at the product descriptions, keywords and other marketing elements used by your competitors, as this may help you to come up with good ideas for your own products.

Pay Attention to Presentation

Attractive graphics and clear icons are an important part of app creation, as users are unlikely to download your product unless they find it visually appealing. You will also need to include screenshots as part of your product description, so take the time to find the best possible images to showcase your application. While you want to use images and screenshots that stand out and draw the user’s attention, try to avoid overly-complicated images that could confuse potential users.

Write an Irresistible Product Description

The product description for your app acts as a sales letter to let users know why they should download your product. Use your product description to highlight the features included and the benefits of using your app. Try to be transparent and let people know if your app needs access to personal information, such as their contact list or geographical location. Potential users are far more likely to trust your company if you’re upfront about the information your app will be gathering from their mobile.

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Girl sailing

Make a Video Introduction

Google Play Store and Apple’s iOS App Store both allow developers to add an introductory video to their product description. The video introduction allows you to use audio and visual aids to demonstrate the potential of your product, highlight any interesting tools and answer any questions that people might have about the app. Keep the video brief and simple, but aim to provide enough information to convince the viewer of the app’s benefits.

Build Your Brand

Building a strong brand is essential for long-term business success, as branding is an important part of gaining the trust of your customers and potential customers. Social media and other online platforms offer a free way to build your brand and reach a wider audience. Always use the same logos, taglines and business name across all social media platforms and other online profiles, as this will help to increase familiarity with your brand.

Use Freebies and Competitions

Freebies and competitions are effective ways to increase exposure for your apps. Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms can be used to run competitions or give away free gifts, all of which can provide a cost-effective way to reach a wider audience and increase customer loyalty. You can also offer extra incentives, such as discounts, vouchers or free gifts, when customers introduce their friends and family to your products.

Provide Regular Product Updates

All mobile applications need ongoing improvements, security updates and bug fixes to ensure smooth running. Regular updates also remind your users that you’re still in business and you care about your products. Listen to customer feedback and ask for ideas on features or improvements they would like to see in future updates. Make it easy for users to report bugs and other issues with your products.

Developing mobile apps can provide an enjoyable way to make money, promote your business or provide a service to your customers. However, the mobile app marketplace can be difficult to break into, as competition is high and many people fail to market their products effectively. Following these few simple tips gives you an edge over many of your competitors and will increase your chances of success.

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