Effective Snapchat Brand Marketing Techniques

Creating your own personal Snapchat Audience

Snapchat’s popularity is constantly increasing as the creative options offered to users when crafting their own pictures and videos are fun and engaging. That’s why a lot of major brands are investing more time into making eye-catching content for it. However, even if you’re not a major brand, it’s still possible for content marketers to launch a Snapchat account and create interesting content on a budget by following these practices.

1. Partner with an experienced snapper

Influencer takeovers are the hottest thing on Snapchat right now. If there’s someone in your organization with a large personal Snapchat following, or you know someone who does, have them run your Snapchat account for a day.

The influencer you choose effectively brings their fan-base along with them and if they have thousands of followers, that kind of reach is priceless. By starting stories on their personal account and finishing them on your business account, they can bring a lot of focus and attention to what you have to offer very quickly. Because these are limited time offers, you should set them up to run on a monthly or bimonthly schedule. Too many influencer takeovers will come across as desperate and that is bad for business.

2. Contests

Snapchat feels more exclusive than Twitter or Instagram because users get notified about your updates instantly. They can also browse your “story” timeline at any time they wish. Running a contest and sending a reminder every day or every other day keeps engagement high. You can also use the Snapchat base to direct them towards websites outside of Snapchat (i.e. your website). Not everything that you start on Snapchat has to end on Snapchat.

3. Limited time promotions

Snapchat stories only stick around for 24 hours. Individual snaps only last a maximum of ten seconds. Snapchat users are familiar with having to act quickly, and the limited time that the platform allows is perfect for flash sales and limited time discounts. You can quickly generate a buzz and have an urgent call to action in one simple snap.

If you have the resources for a major push, consider working with Snapchat itself to design a custom filter for your fans. It won’t last forever, but it will generate plenty of cool pictures and generate high engagement.

4. Lower the mystique

The intimacy of Snapchat lets each user feel like they’re connected to your story and brand. One of the most effective ways to capitalize on this is to lower the mystique of your brand. Snapchat users like to feel that they’re a part of the action, and insider status is the ultimate goal.

Behind-the-scenes Snapchat use is the best way to bring users into your world. Focus on snapping fragments of meetings and the creativity of your employees. Sneak peeks or creative tips also make the user feel connected to your brand. Sending a snap of a new product’s shadow, along with a reaction image or a hashtag can build hype for your product and make your followers feel like they’re getting inside information before anyone else is.

Snapchat blogging app

Snapchat blogging app

5. Utilize storytelling opportunities

Snapchat’s format allows for brands to show their creative side. Put together a marketing campaign that showcases your in-house talent. You can try to link it to current events which are great starting points for skits, shorts, and interesting moments. Adding slogans or taglines that you’d like to make popular are always good ways to make your brand stand out.

Snapchat demands a marketing strategy unlike other social media sites and apps. By showcasing a little quirkiness or in-house talent and utilizing the insider feel of Snapchat, you can increase audience engagement drastically.


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