Freelance Writing Tips: The four Benefits of Using Tablets for Writing

Writing Content Blog Articles on a Tablet

If you do a lot of writing, whether as a freelance writer, business writer or novel writer, you might be wondering if using a tablet would be a good option. There are actually quite a few benefits of utilizing a tablet’s unique features. It makes it easier to write as you travel, which is one of the many benefits. Here are some reasons to consider using a tablet for writing.

They Are Lightweight

One of the primary benefits of using a tablet as a writing tool is that it is super lightweight. Tablets are considerably lighter than a laptop, even lighter and easier to carry than a small netbook. This is handy because whether it is placed on your lap, you are carrying it into a coffee shop, or you are lugging it around to hotels on business trips, it isn’t a huge burden to lift it and adjust as needed. Many tablets are not much heavier than your smartphone, so this makes it very useful!

Speech-to-Text Apps Make it a Breeze

Also, consider the fact that you don’t even have to type when you have a tablet! There are some exceptional apps that allow you to utilize the mic on the tablet and start talking while it starts typing the words on the screen. It might take trying a few different apps until you find the one that recognizing your voice the best and has the most accurate typing. Keep in mind you need to go over what is typed and make some minor adjustments, but this can be a huge help. Think about the times when you get the most creative; in the shower, in the car during rush-hour traffic, random times during the day. When you don’t have your hands free for typing, you can turn on the app and just start talking.

Tablets Have Easy Text Editing Software

There is no reason you have to use Microsoft Word or another fancy word processing program to get some writing done. It can easily be done on a simple text editing app or program, which a tablet provides you. The great thing about these is that they often eliminate other distractions. They take up the entire screen when they are opened, so it keeps you from checking email, browsing the web, or using social media. While there is a minimizing option if you need to look something up for your book, it does require an extra step, so you are a little less distracted when you have work to get done.

There Are Multiple Keyboard Options

If you prefer the on-screen keyboard, you are free to use that. However, it might tire out your arms after a while since you have to hold them in awkward angles. The better option is to use a keyboard that is connected to the tablet, which is easy to do. There are plenty of options to choose from, such as the following:

Wireless keyboard – This type of keyboard doesn’t actually have to be connected to the tablet. It is placed in front of the tablet and uses Bluetooth technology so that when you type on the keyboard, the words appear on the tablet. It is convenient, small, and lightweight.

Stand-alone keyboard – The stand-alone keyboard is similar to the one you use for your desktop computer. It connects to the tablet with the USB cord and is placed anywhere that is comfortable, or as far as the cord can reach. These are often inexpensive and simple to plug in and get writing.

Keyboard case or cover – These are two similar options that actually use your current tablet accessories. One is a tablet case, which covers the entire device, but also has a keyboard. Basically, you open the case and the keyboard slides forward, while there is a stand that comes out to support your tablet. The cover is what you keep over the front of your tablet until you want to use it, then you flip over the cover and it becomes a keyboard you can use.

Consider these benefits when you are thinking about what device is best to write on. As you can see, a tablet provides a lot of advantages that make it more convenient.


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