How to Properly Promote Your Blog

How to Promote and Market your App Blog

Initially just a great way to spend one’s time, blogging has now become an industry in its own right. Fueled by the curiosity of random Internet browsers, bloggers can make huge amounts of money by coming up with intelligent and fun ideas, or by simply reporting recent events. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. In order to be able to earn decent amounts from article writing, bloggers need to properly promote their blogs and blog posts using social media.

By far the best method for promoting blogs and blog posts is sharing them on Facebook. Given the powerful impact Facebook has on people’s daily lives, it’s extremely easy to understand why it can have a huge impact on the viewer count of your blog too. In order to start marketing on Facebook, you need to create a page for your blog, which can be easily done by selecting the “Create Page” button on the account options section found on the Facebook website or the Facebook apps. After creating an attractive page for your future page viewers, you need to get used to sharing your posts. However, you shouldn’t stop after sharing on your page. Join several related groups and share your articles where they fit. Don’t just join every single group and promote your posts ignoring the topics: that’s spamming, and it will bring negative attention to your blog.

After you’ve got your Facebook page set, you need to continue by creating social media pages on popular websites such as Twitter or Reddit. While the former may be able to net you more readers in the long run by creating relationships with your followers, the latter is able to give you a sudden viewer boost that will probably not last long, by posting articles in the right subreddit at the right time.

Girl's shopping blog

Girl’s shopping blog

Your titles and article descriptions on social media will also influence your viewer count: this is why most popular websites use “clickbaiting” when promoting their articles. Clickbaiting is the annoying (but effective) of using your article titles as teases (usually questions), which make people want to visit your website and find out the answer. Although this will probably give some people a negative opinion of your blog, it will definitely boost your viewer count, and the reward outweighs the price.

Lastly, a powerful method of marketing your blog is actively reaching out to people. Now that you followed this guide and have created great social media pages, you can engage in conversations with your fans, fellow bloggers, or even public persons and celebrities. For example, if you wrote an article mentioning Microsoft, it might be worth tweeting out your article to Bill Gates or Satya Nadella. Just imagine the viewer count on your blog if one of them retweeted or replied to your post! You can also ask fellow bloggers to exchange articles and promote each others’ blogs.

By using social media and actively engaging with others, the sky is the limit when it comes to promoting your blog. So get out there and start building your empire!

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